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Original Multivitamin Iron Free



  • Our most comprehensive multivitamin
  • Physician formulated for optimal health
  • 240 tablets per bottle, 30-day supply

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Customer Reviews(31)

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  • 31 reviews
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  1. verified purchase

    I’ve been using Cooper Complete now for 25 years; eight tablets a day. I’m grateful for the energy this product continues to provide. Thank you.

  2. verified purchase

    I bought The paperback version of “aerobics” in the early seventies for $1.00. I was a military pilot, smoker and drinker. The motivation inspired by that book saved my life as a pilot and made me a better man – both mentally and physically. I learned to trust Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

    That trust has lead me to continue the health focused lifestyle promoted by Dr. Cooper. Like the passengers on the aircraft I fly that trust I have their safety as my number one goal, I trust that Dr. Cooper has my health as his number one goal.

    My passengers do not have the training or experience I have, but they trust me. I do not have the training or experience Dr. Cooper has, but I trust him. I have been following the Cooper protocol and using Cooper Complete Iron Free multi vitamins since they were first produced. I am 83 and exercising at least three times a week. And as much as possible, I still “soar with the eagles all day”. Dr. Cooper, thank you.

    Don Day
    CW4, U.S.Army, retired

  3. verified purchase

    Great nutritionals and service. I have been using the iron-free multi and omega 3 fish oil for years. High quality and fast reliable service. I highly recommend Cooper Complete.

  4. verified purchase

    The best service, excellent quality products. I have been a Cooper lifestyle follower and a Cooper Clinic patient since reading the book “Aerobics” in the 60’s, and doing the Air Force 5 bx exercise program. Thank you Dr.Ken Cooper for the inspiration.

  5. verified purchase

    I bought the paperback book ‘Aerobics’ for $1.00 decades ago and have believed in Dr. Cooper’s work and INSPIRATIONAL philosophy since that time. He saved my career as a military pilot and I trust Dr. Cooper and the people that continue to build ways to live a healthy, productive and meaningful life. I am now 83 and use an elliptical while my wife uses the Schwinn. We both use Iron Free Cooper Complete.

  6. verified purchase

    Quality product.

  7. verified purchase

    Excellent product. High quality and easy to order. Ships quickly. Highly recommend.

  8. verified purchase

    We have been taking these vitamins for years. We feel a noticeable difference when we try others. We highly recommend them!

  9. verified purchase

    As previous reviews testify, we have been taking Cooper Complete for years. We have had very few colds or any serious illness. We are 77 and 76. We work out as many times a week as possible. God has blessed us with opportunities to travel in our RV to many places in the US including a 3-month tour to Alaska. During all our travels, we stayed well and active. Of course, our Cooper vitamins were one of the first things on our list to load in our RV! We have faith that Cooper continuously watches and makes changes in their products that benefit their consumers. We also take Omega 3 and Eye Health products. Thanks Cooper for taking such an interest in helping your customers stay healthy.

  10. verified purchase

    I have been taking Dr. Cooper’s Original Multivitamin, Iron Free for nearly twenty years and I still think it is the best daily multivitamin. The vitamins keep me healthy and energetic, and at age 77 it is the best vitamin I trust with my health. I remember Dr. Cooper advocated prior to these vitamins that vitamins should be digested well instead of just flush out of the body. These vitamins are high quality providing me good health all these many years. I am thankful for Dr. Cooper’s multivitamins!

  11. verified purchase

    Love the product! Customer service they provide is the BEST!

  12. verified purchase

    Still taking the Cooper Complete. Has been part of my daily ritual for as long as it has been available. Approaching 84 and still running; so why quit now.

  13. verified purchase

    I’ve been taking these for over 20 years, over 60 yrs old, still surfing Hawaii winter waves, playing senior softball and working out! I highly recommend these supplements for active lifestyles!

  14. verified purchase

    My husband and I have been taking Cooper Complete for many years. We like the easy to swallow tablets. They also have some important additions that other vitamins don’t include, such as Vitamin D, CoQ10, and many important vision vitamins and ingredients. However; the thing I appreciate the most is that they continually review their vitamins and update them as research indicates. I highly recommend the Cooper Complete vitamins.

  15. verified purchase

    I have been using the Cooper Complete Original multivitamins for almost 20 years. Before taking the Original multivitamin I used to have multiple colds per year, which went to basically none. I believe they are great.

  16. verified purchase

    I have been taking the Cooper Complete Iron Free for over 20 years. I am now 71 years old and my health couldn’t be better. I am never sick or lack for energy or stamina every day to enjoy my life.

  17. verified purchase

    I am repeating myself but my Cooper vitamins are a part of my life. Now 83 and run daily and exercise and I feel the vitamins are contributing to my ability to stay active. Just lost another good friend and experiencing too much of that recently. Met Dr. Cooper years ago while he was visiting Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. They served breakfast of eggs, biscuits, sausage, bacon and ham. Lots of jelly. I asked him what did he eat and he replied he ate before the visit!

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for your Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements recommendation. And thank you too, for sharing this story about Dr. Kenneth Cooper. Your story sounds exactly like something Dr. Cooper would say as he absolutely walks the talk of health and wellness. Dr. Cooper has shared that he is regularly asked what he eats as a typical breakfast, lunch or dinner and when dining out in a group he is accustomed to others watching to see what he’s going to have. If he were writing you, he’d report he focuses on eating well, and definitely has occasional treats like everyone else.

      Sincerely yours,
      Jill Turner

  18. verified purchase

    I have taken your vitamins for over 15 years. I have not had a cold or been sick in the last ten years. I don’t know if that is the reason, but not taking a chance to find out. Thanks for this great product. Hazel Willingham

    • Hi Hazel,

      Thank you for your glowing testimonial of the benefits you’ve enjoyed while taking Cooper Complete Original Iron Free!


      Jill Turner, President

  19. verified purchase

    I have studied and trained at the Cooper Institute…it has changed my lifestyle! Been using this product since it hit the market…61 yrs. old, retired and still surfing Hawaiian winter waves! Mahalo Dr. Cooper, you are “Da Man”!

  20. verified purchase

    I have taken Cooper Complete since it came on the market. The formula is as it states, “Complete.” Now in my 70’s, I attribute my youthful appearance to the continued use of this formula, and clean living.

  21. verified purchase

    I have subscribed to Cooper complete since it began. I used the Elite version when I ran marathons and switched to the lower Complete with less vitamin E after completing 40 marathons. I am 83 and active running most days, tennis etc. and won’t change anything in my life including Cooper Complete.

    • Your message makes our day. Thank you for sharing your health journey with us. We’re glad to know Cooper Complete supported you throughout your marathon training years. It’s a major accomplishment to complete a single marathon, let alone 40 marathons! Fun Fact – Dr. Kenneth Cooper discovered professional athletes were developing cancer at high levels despite seemingly active and healthy lifestyles.

      We are delighted to know that Cooper Complete has helped you remain active throughout your life, from running 40 marathons to continuing to exercise daily at age 83. Congratulations on your achievements! We appreciate your loyalty and trust in us, and that you took the time to share your experience with us.

      Jill Turner, President

  22. verified purchase

    More than 10 years ago my doctor recommended that I take a multi-vitamin. I chose Cooper Complete and made it part of my daily routine. I have fewer colds and the ones I have are less severe and of shorter duration. My digestive system also functions better than it did prior to taking the vitamins. Cooper Complete seems to be the help my body needed so I will not change vitamins. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  23. verified purchase

    I’ve taken Cooper Complete since it was first offered after Dr. Cooper’s first doctor panel. The product delivers all the required nutrition. I’d never switch.

  24. verified purchase

    A friend recommended Cooper products many years ago, I have been taking Cooper Complete for probably 20 years. I have such confidence in all the Cooper products and plan to continue taking what I consider the best available — to me this is Cooper.

  25. verified purchase

    My wife is a RN and she got us started on Cooper Complete vitamins over a decade ago. Before I was having two or three colds a year. Since we started the vitamins, I have only had three colds period. Also, the three I have had were light and were gone in less than a week whereas before they would last two weeks. It was difficult for her to convince me, but I am convinced now.

  26. verified purchase

    Taking Cooper Complete has lessened recovery time substantially, feel energetic and overall healthier. It great to have the confidence knowing you are doing the best for your long term health and to meet your goals.

  27. verified purchase

    For years I wouldn’t take the “8 per day” since they smelled so horrible. My husband has continued to take them, and I realized lately that the horrible smell is gone. I have now ordered them for myself also.

  28. verified purchase

    I have been taking Cooper Complete since Dr. Cooper announced it’s availability at a lecture he gave at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. I used the Elite Athlete while running marathons (40) and after retiring from racing switched to the standard Cooper Complete. I am on the automatic supply every two months. I have referred many running friends to the product.

  29. verified purchase

    Prior to my experience with Cooper Complete Original Iron Free, I was using a series of vitamins that at the time I felt were sufficient. I’m a pretty active guy, and I exercise a lot and run quite a bit. Since taking Cooper Complete Original Iron Free, my energy level has increased substantially. I feel better and I know I run better. And, I have much more energy during the day to get done those things that have to be accomplished.”

  30. verified purchase

    I can honestly say that Cooper Complete Original multivitamins are a must for all the expeditions I go on. As a climber in remote areas, we often eat foods that lack the vitamins that are in fresh fruits and vegetables. Without the vitamins we take – usually Cooper Complete Iron Free,along with Advanced Omega-3 – we would be doing serious harm to ourselves. We certainly feel better when we take them, and we get sick less often when we are taking them. I recommend these products. They’ve made me feel better, and I don’t worry about my long term health as much as I used to knowing the harm I’m doing to my body when I go on these expeditions. Thank you for making supplements that have been thoroughly researched and that really do work.

  31. verified purchase

    Cooper Complete helps anyone involved in the marathon we all run. It’s called life. Cooper Complete multivitamins have played an integral role in both my personal training and my sports medicine practice. I believe that Cooper Complete Original multivitamins and Cooper Complete Basic One can enhance the health of non-athletes as well.

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Product Details

Product Description

Cooper Complete Original Multivitamin Iron Free is the most comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement in the Cooper Complete® line of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Heart Health:

  • Clinical research shows a Cooper Complete Original Multivitamin Iron Free lowers the high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, a key marker of inflammation in the body related to heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Contains 100 mg Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Immune System Health:

  • Vitamin C: Improves the body’s ability to resist certain pathogens

Bone Health:

  • Original Multivitamin Iron Free contains 50 mcg (2,000 IU) vitamin D3, Cooper Clinic’s baseline recommendation for optimal bone health.

Eye Health:

  • Original Multivitamin Iron Free contains 6mg of Lutein because of its ability to help eyes filter harmful blue light.

Original Multivitamin Iron Free is a complete multivitamin recommended for men or women who have completed menopause and no longer have a monthly cycle, as supplemental iron typically is not needed.

This product contains no gluten, milk/dairy, or preservatives.

The daily recommended serving of Cooper Complete Original Multivitamin Iron Free is 8 tablets (4 tablets twice daily with meals). 240 tablets per bottle. 30-day supply. Vanilla-flavored easy swallow coating.

As a dietary supplement, adults take 8 tablets (4 tablets twice daily with meals) or as directed by your physician or healthcare professional. 240 tablets per bottle. 30-day supply. Vanilla-flavored easy swallow coating.

Cooper Complete products are verified and lot tested. If you would like a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity for a specific product or would like to learn more about our testing process and results, please contact us at  or call our team directly at 888.393.2221 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday central time (CST).

Original Multivitamin Iron Free Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
The daily dosage of 8 tablets provides:
% Daily
Vitamin A (as beta carotene)900 mcg (3,000 IU)100%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)500 mg556%
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)50 mcg (2,000 IU)250%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate)134 mg (200 IU)893%
Vitamin K (as phytonadione)25 mcg21%
Thiamine (as thiamine HCI)3 mg250%
Riboflavin10 mg769%
Niacin (as niacinamide)20 mg125%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)10 mg588%
Folate (as Metafolin®, L-5-MTHF)333 mcg DFE (200 mcg L-5-MTHF)83%
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)400 mcg16,667%
Biotin (as d-biotin)300 mcg1,000%
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate)10 mg200%
Phosphorus (as potassium phosphate)160 mg13%
Iodine (from kelp)150 mcg100%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide monohydrate)660 mg157%
Zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate)15 mg136%
Selenium (as selenium amino acid chelate)100 mcg182%
Copper (as copper gluconate)2 mg222%
Chromium (as chromium amino acid chelate)100 mcg286%
Potassium (as potassium phosphate)400 mg9%
Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)50 mg
Lycopene (10% lycopene)10 mg
Lutein (as Flora-GLO®)6 mg
Zeaxanthin (as OPTISHARP® Natural [Zeaxanthin])0.4 mg
†Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, tablet coating (titanium dioxide, cellulose gum, dextrose, cellulose, talc, caramel, glycerin, natural vanilla flavor), croscarmellose sodium, carnauba wax, stearic acid, silica, and vegetable stearate.

Metafolin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
FloraGlo® is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.
OPTISHARP® Natural is a trademark of DSM.

Cooper Complete Original Multivitamin Iron Free is NOT vegetarian, vegan, “raw,” or kosher.

While we strive to ensure the label information on this site represents the label on the product available for purchase, products are updated from time to time. Please consult the label on the product you purchase for the most accurate ingredient and allergen information.

Item Number: 170
SKU: 816899000072
Formula Number: 906733
Product of USA



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take four tablets twice a day?

Splitting the daily serving of eight tablets (four in the morning with breakfast and four in the evening with dinner) allows the body to maintain a sufficient level of the water-soluble antioxidants needed to fight off free radicals.

Why isn’t calcium in Cooper Complete multivitamins?

Calcium requirements are dependent upon both gender and age. Because Cooper Complete multivitamins are formulated for men and women, it was best to leave calcium out of the formula.

Why do all Cooper Complete multivitamin and mineral formulations have a high dose of B12 compared to the daily value?

One objective of Cooper Complete multivitamin and mineral supplements is to lower the homocysteine level. Research indicates excessive levels of homocysteine may increase the risk of stroke, certain types of heart disease and peripheral artery disease. Our products contain preventive levels of both vitamin B12 and folic acid, which together work to lower homocysteine levels.

Is Cooper Complete peanut, garlic, corn and pepper-free?

Yes. However, we outsource the actual production of our products to a manufacturing facility that produces other supplements. It is possible that other products are produced on the machines might contain any of these ingredients. While the equipment is cleaned completely between different runs in order to avoid cross-contamination, the potential risk remains.

Is Cooper Complete Iron Free vegetarian, vegan, “raw” or kosher?

No. Cooper Complete Iron Free is not vegetarian, vegan, “raw” or kosher.

Can I take this product if I am also taking Coumadin or Warfarin?

If you are taking Coumadin or Warfarin, we recommend consulting your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet