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COVID-19 Cooper Clinic Preventive Measures

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Cooper Clinic located in Dallas, Texas, has been a shining beacon in preventive health care for the past 50 years. During that time, there have been many changes in the field of medicine, including newly discovered diseases and innovative treatments. As a society, we tend to adjust and even thrive through these various challenges. The current challenge of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is being taken seriously and we understand and share your desire to minimize the spread of this virus.

While each one of us is our own best defense against this virus as leaders in preventive medicine we encourage everyone to continue to care for their bodies, which are designed to naturally fight infections with a robust immune system. Important COVID-19 preventive measures or actions to consider include:

  1. Do not smoke or vape!
  2. A healthy diet is an important part of maintaining a good immune system.
  3. Adequate sleep is essential to maintain optimal health.
  4. Moderate exercise most days of the week is, of course, a mainstay of good health.
  5. Adequate vitamin supplementation may be of benefit (especially if your diet is not optimal) to enhance your immune system.

Remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying COVID-19 manifests as a mild illness in 80 percent of those afflicted with the illness. If you become sick, stay home and seek advice from your health care provider. Most illnesses during this season will NOT be COVID-19 related, but instead be the “common cold” or influenza which continue to circulate in the community.

Together, we can combat this health care challenge in a logical, science-based approach. We are hopeful we will see a decline in the circulation of the current virus in the next 6-8 weeks. It is encouraging the number of new viral cases has begun to plateau in China and South Korea.

Read more on Coronavirus COVID-19 on the Cooper Clinic website.

To your continued good health,

Camron E. Nelson, MD
Cooper Clinic President and CEO

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