Natural Supplement To Reduce Fatigue

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Natural Supplement to Reduce Fatigue using Vitamin D from Cooper Complete

Do you often feel tired and run down? There might be a simple solution. Have your doctor check vitamin levels.

After a routine physical, Cathy Wood discovered a problem she never even knew was possible.

Her vitamin D levels were so low she had to start taking prescription-strength supplements.

“I drink a lot of milk, and I thought my vitamin D levels would be fine,” says Wood.

“We’re finding that when we measure thousands of patients, the vast majority of them are low,”  says Todd Whitthorne, Health & Wellness Expert.

Dr. Richard Honaker, a Family Practice Physician, sees the same trends.

“It’s sort of epidemic, so to speak, it’s not really a disease, like the epidemic that you spread, it’s epidemic, everybody seems to be low,” says Honaker.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because sunlight exposure to skin is the best and only natural source for it. It’s known to be essential for bone health, but research shows it’s also crucial for fighting all kinds of diseases.

“If you’re low on vitamin D, your immune system does not function as well, or you’re more susceptible to infections. There’s a greater incidence of heart attacks and strokes in people that are vitamin D deficient versus people who are OK on their vitamin D levels,” says Honaker.

Low vitamin D levels are linked to chronic pain, fatigue, depression, osteoporosis and more.

“We work inside, we live inside, if we go outside, we’re taught to wear sunscreen because we want to lower the risk of skin cancer, which makes sense, but a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater blocks 99 percent of the synthesis of vitamin D,” says Whitthorne.

And darker-skinned are more at risk: the American Medical Association says nearly all non-Hispanic blacks and most Mexican-Americans have insufficient vitamin D levels.

Few foods are either fortified with or naturally contain vitamin D, so sunshine and supplements are key. How much you need depends on you: your health, your weight, your skin color, or whether or not you use sunblock.

Doctors say the current recommended daily doses of vitamin D are actually inadequate. And that just about everyone should be getting more in one form or another.

“I would recommend that every patient, every person in America get their vitamin D checked because so many people are low and the ramifications of having low vitamin D are so severe,” says Honaker.

Many health groups now recommend adults take up to 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of vitamin D daily.

That’s five to ten times the old recommendation.

Doctors expect federal guidelines to be revised in the coming years.

Story by LaTrice Curry, Eyewitness News Anchor, WRCBtv.

Article provided by Cooper Complete team.

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