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Why Eyes Water

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Much has been written about dry eyes because many people suffer from the symptoms, whether caused by anatomy, medication, or environment. But there is scarce advice about why eyes water or wet eye. This condition could involve one or both eyes and could be due to one of the following:


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  • Pink eye or conjunctivitis.
  • Blocked punctum. The punctum is the entry point to the outflow pathway of tears.
  • Further down, a blocked nasolacrimal duct. This is caused by an infection in the lacrimal sac or a broken nose.
  • Eyelashes turned inward, caused by abnormal lashes growing inward from an old stye.
  • Abnormal eyelid. The eyelid can turn in (spastic entropion) or turn out (flaccid ectropion).
  • Unusual sensitivity to cold. The cornea possesses both pain and cold fibers.
  • Corneal infection or scar. This is probably the most severe condition on the list and needs immediate evaluation.
  • Abnormal nerve conduction, which can be related to chewing, or occur after Bell’s Palsy or stroke.

Often people can figure out the origin of their tearing. But a good eye examination is necessary and should reveal the cause and suggestions for therapy. Occasionally you may need to see an oculoplastic specialist. But don’t just sit there and suffer.

Then there is shut-eye. I’m not referring to a sticky, tender eyelid but rather talking about a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to eye health since darkness and a relaxed body allows the retina to recover from so many hours in sunlight and to flush out the free radicals. This also allows the liver to restore optimal ocular function when it’s not busy with so many other chores during the day.

For those with insomnia, blue light technology will soon be available to assist in returning to a normal 24-hour wake-sleep cycle. Wearing these glasses one hour per day should restore good solid shut-eye within seven to 10 days.

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