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Photo of Jill Turner, Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements President

Jill Turner is the President of Cooper Complete® Nutritional Supplements. She joined the organization in 2003 as Director of Operations and was promoted to President in 2014. Jill oversees the Cooper Complete® line of nutritional supplements from creation to distribution.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, founder and chairman of Cooper Aerobics, has long believed in supplementation and introduced the line of multivitamins and supplements to consumers in 1998. Today, Cooper Complete is sold in retail stores, pharmacies, physician and dental offices, and online.

A lifelong Dallasite, Jill first learned about Dr. Kenneth Cooper when the book Aerobics was the textbook for a university physical education class. Jill received her Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Southern Methodist University.

Jill embraces Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s adage to “walk the dog even if you don’t have one” and starts each day with a one hour walk with her rescue pups Odis and Ruby Nell. She also loves metabolic workouts and has shared a Cooper Fitness Center trainer with her husband each week for more than a dozen years.