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Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, launched Cooper Complete in 1997, working with a team of physicians and scientists from leading universities to develop a line of vitamins and supplements to address the weaknesses found in many products on the market.

The foundation for Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements was established by Dr. Cooper when he opened the now world-renowned Cooper Clinic in 1970. Universally recognized as the “Father of Aerobics,” Dr. Cooper has helped millions of people improve the quality and quantity of their lives through his groundbreaking work establishing the link between cardiorespiratory fitness, good health and longevity.

For many years, Dr. Kenneth Cooper promoted that 21st century medicine should concentrate on proper weight, nutrition, exercise and supplementation. While the role exercise, nutrition and weight played in disease had been well-documented, that wasn’t the case for supplementation.

As a result of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994, the FDA had no control of vitamins, as they were considered to be food, not medicine. “As a result, the vitamin industry was not controlled and there was no assurance the vitamin contained the ingredients listed on the label,” says Dr. Cooper.

“In 1994, I released the book, Antioxidant Revolution, showing that vitamin supplementation could reduce free radical damage that potentially could have a great effect on a multitude of diseases, including cancer,” says Dr. Kenneth Cooper. “For all of those reasons, I felt it necessary to have vitamins as a ‘form of insurance.’ Remember, vitamins are not a replacement for good food and should be used in conjunction with, not in place of, proper nutrition.”

When the line was released, it contained just two multivitamin products: Cooper Complete Original and Cooper Complete Original with Iron. Now led by Dr. Cooper’s son, Tyler C. Cooper, MD, MPH, Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements offers more than 30 products, with five multivitamins and a variety of wellness essentials, including supplements with focused ingredients to help support brain health, immunity, heart health, mood and stress, and bone and joint health.

Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements is a part of the Cooper Aerobics Enterprises organization, a physician-founded enterprise operating under the singular mission of improving the quality and length of peoples’ lives. Cooper Complete is simply one way that the Cooper organization delivers on that mission.