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Throughout the years, multivitamins have evolved from a fitness fad to a key staple in many individuals’ health and wellness routines. People from all walks of life, who find themselves of varying stages in their fitness journeys, experience similar benefits that multivitamins offer.

The Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin

Recent studies have shown taking a daily multivitamin reduces inflammation levels which lower one’s risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, with the Cooper Complete Original Multivitamin reducing inflammation by 32 percent. While supplements provide many benefits, it is important to remember supplements are not a sufficient substitute for meals. Instead, they close the gaps in an individual’s daily dietary habits. Dr. Cooper specifies in his 8 Healthy Steps to Get Cooperized™, that it is not just about taking supplements, but taking the right supplements for you according to your health needs and goals.

Choosing the Right Multivitamin for You

So how do you select the right supplements for you? Where do you even start when you look at the ingredients label? Do your eyes glaze over or do you feel like you’re staring at the periodic table of elements on the back of a bottle?

Men’s and women’s multivitamin ingredients and recommended dosages of each vitamin and mineral are almost identical. The main difference you will see is the presence or absence of iron across various brand names on the vitamin shelf. People who are at a higher risk for iron deficiency include women who are either premenopausal or pregnant, vegetarians, as well as long-distance runners or endurance athletes. If you experience symptoms such as weakness, extreme fatigue, poor appetite or dizziness see your health care provider about the possibility of an iron deficiency, which can usually be treated with supplementation.

Key Vitamins to Look for and Their Benefits

Always be sure to check for the key ingredients on the nutrition label of each multivitamin supplement and know how each ingredient plays its own part in supplementing your wellness journey. The necessary levels of each element will vary based on gender, age, pregnancy and previously diagnosed health conditions.

Water-soluble vitamins are absorbed by tissues for immediate use of the body.

  • The B vitamins include B-12, which supports energy production by converting foods from a healthy diet into energy. B-6 helps the body create serotonin that promotes good mood and brain health.
  • Vitamin C supports functions such as boosting the immune system, absorbing iron and healing wounds.

Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed by fat and distributed through the bloodstream.

  • Vitamin A is known for its antioxidant properties that are needed for vision, cell division, reproduction and immunity.
  • Vitamin D is ideal for heart and bone health.
  • Vitamin E serves an antioxidant which helps protect cells, boost the immune system and aid in blood clot prevention.

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You’ve successfully checked the boxes of the fundamental vitamins, but what about minerals?

  • Phosphorus helps proper kidney function, muscle contraction and normalizing heartbeat and nerve signaling.
  • Magnesium advocates heart health, good sleep and nervous system regulation.
  • Potassium is efficient in reducing sodium levels and also promotes heart health.

Centrum Multivitamin Comparison Minerals

How Multivitamin Nutrients Provide What Your Diet Cannot

Other important nutrients that do not fall in the letter vitamin or typical mineral category are significant in maintaining physical health because they are often not found in most foods. These include:

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is valuable for heart health and statin-related muscle pain.
  • Lycopene is optimal for reducing inflammation.
  • Lutein is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation as well as promotes eye and skin health.

Centrum Multivitamin Comparison antioxidants

Multivitamins Enhance, Rather Than Replace, a Healthy Diet 

While the hunt for a multivitamin can be a bit overwhelming, remember they are just a piece of the puzzle. Supplements to support your lifestyle choices, specifically your dietary habits, where there is a lack of daily intake of certain fruits and vegetables. It is always important to ask your physician or health care provider what nutrients would be right for you.

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