Best Supplements for Active Men and Women

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Active man stretching for exerciseShannon and Mary Edwards, Professional Fitness Trainers at Cooper Fitness Center, are proof that the nutrients you put into your body matter. Not only does the couple spend hours a day training clients, but both commit to their own daily exercise routines.

The duo fuels their body with proper nutrition, but sometimes their busy schedules can interfere. That’s where their supplement regimen comes into play.

“We consider our vitamin supplementation as ‘insurance,’ as it covers the occasional gaps in our diet and ensures we get what our bodies need,” says Mary.

From gut and joint health to overall wellness, Shannon and Mary share which supplements they take daily to help keep their active bodies at peak performance.

Mary’s Supplement Routine

As Fitness Director of Cooper Fitness Center, Mary is constantly on the go. Whether she’s training clients or overseeing the 27 trainers at the Fitness Center, Mary is often on her feet from sun up to sun down.

She relies on three supplements:

Mary strives to get all of her recommended nutrients through her diet, but sometimes needs to supplement with a multivitamin. Research shows Cooper Complete Basic One can lower high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, a key marker of inflammation in the body connected to heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D for overall health

Mary spends most of her time indoors and wears sunscreen when outside. Since sunscreen reduces vitamin D absorption, she chooses to take a vitamin D supplement. She also does it for other health reasons.

“Research shows vitamin D can provide a multitude of benefits, including improving your mood, increasing cognition and warding off the risk of developing certain cancers,” says Mary.

As for the probiotic? “I added this recently due to an issue with a nut allergy,” says Mary. While that allergen has since been identified and removed from her diet, the probiotic has become a mainstay.

Shannon’s Supplement Routine

Shannon not only trains clients on a daily basis, but runs Cooper Fitness Center’s IGNITE! youth athletic development program in the evenings. He relies on the following supplements to stay on top of his game:

“I take the Healthy Body Pack because it’s a convenient way to ensure I’m getting a multivitamin and omega 3 in my diet,” says Shannon. While omega-3 has been proven to have a multitude of benefits, Shannon says the anti-inflammatory properties are what he relies on most.

Glucosamine for healthy joints

“Because I’m an extremely active person with a very active job, I feel the need to support my joints as much as possible,” says Shannon. That’s why Shannon reaches for Cooper Complete Joint Health. The supplement contains a key ingredient, glucosamine. Research has shown that glucosamine can help control pain and stop or reverse the progression of osteoarthritis. It also stimulates the production of cartilage, which can improve joint function.

For Shannon, gut health is more than just an option, it’s often necessary. That’s why he adds a probiotic to his regimen.

“I suffer from a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the probiotic can help reduce many of those symptoms,” says Shannon.

When it comes to getting proper nutrients, the Edwards try to follow a “food first” philosophy. The duo strives to consume fish twice per week, if not more. They also take their lunches to work and make sure it contains a healthy and proportioned starch, veggie or salad and lean meat option.

As for hydration? They each consume at least their body weight in water daily.

Remember, it’s important to talk with your physician before starting a new supplement regimen. To shop the entire line of Cooper Complete products, visit

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